(computer science) a standardized language for the descriptive markup of documents; a set of rules for using whatever markup vocabulary is adopted
Topics: ↑computer science, ↑computing
Hypernyms: ↑markup language

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\\ˌes(ˌ)jē(ˌ)emˈel\ abbreviation or noun (-s)
Etymology: standard generalized markup language
: a markup language used to define the structure of and manage documents in electronic form

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Standard Generalized Markup Language: a set of standards, approved by the ISO, enabling a user to create an appropriate markup scheme for tagging the elements of an electronic document, as to facilitate the production of multiple versions in various print and electronic formats.

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SGML (computing)
Standard Generalized Mark-up Language, a form of coding of electronic data for printed applications

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SGML UK [ˌes dʒiː em ˈel] US [ˌes dʒi em ˈel] abbreviation [uncountable] computing
Standard Generalized Mark-up Language: an early mark-up language that several other mark-up languages have developed from
Thesaurus: programming and programming languageshyponym
See also: XML

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a system of encoding text with directions for layout or display, as in typesetting for publication.
[< s(tandard) g(eneralized) m(arkup) l(anguage)]

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Computing abbr. Standard Generalized Markup Language, an international standard for defining methods of encoding electronic texts to describe layout, structure, syntax, etc., which can then be used for analysis or to display the text in any desired format

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SGML 7 [SGML] [ˌes dʒiː em ˈel] [ˌes dʒiː em ˈel] abbreviation (computing)
Standard Generalized Mark-up Language (a system used for marking text on a computer so that the text can be read on a different computer system or displayed in different forms)

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